April 2015 Media Release

Cream of the crop returns to his roots

Acclaimed British guitarist Ian Parker is set to return to his Blues roots with the eagerly-awaited release of a new album which will feature a tribute to late Cream bassman Jack Bruce.

Parker, whose last blues album was released back in 2008, has announced his latest work, Politik Blues - which features eight original tracks - will be released on Monday April 13.

And the album, which sees a return of Parker's spellbinding blues guitar, features a song dedicated to Jack Bruce who passed away in October.

The cover of Cream's Politician and a re-working of Woodstock Festival star Richie Haven's Freedom, which also features on Politik Blues, marks the first time Parker has recorded covers in the studio.

Parker is joined by long-term friends and experienced performers, Chris Finn (drums) and Dave Jenkins (bass), with whom he formed his first gigging band, Strange Brew, back in the early 1990s.

Of his upcoming release, Ian said:

"Blues has always been the bedrock of what I do and I am excited to return to my roots with Politik Blues. In many ways the three-piece sound, which dominates the album, rekindles some of the raw spirit of Cream and I'd like to think the cover of Politician is a fitting tribute to the great Jack Bruce who had a huge impact on my early artistic development.

"My big influences as a young artist were Cream and Hendrix, together with the song writing genius of The Beatles and Bob Dylan. After exploring the latter in more recent years I now want to let the music do the talking with this return to the electric blues that helped establish me on the circuit over a decade ago. At the same time, the album has a musical freshness and is lyrically far more outward looking than all of my previous work."

Stourbridge-based Parker, who has also supported Eric Clapton, has played with Finn and Jenkins on and off for over 20 years but this is the first time they have recorded together.

He explained:

"The album results from a series of chance reunions between three friends and musicians who know each other well. Over the last year, we have had great fun jamming together and things then snowballed into forming the band which naturally evolved into the creation of Politik Blues."

The album, which promises to take fans back to his early days as a blues frontman in Parker's Alibi, again features his regular sidekick Morg Morgan on the keys on the three of the tracks.

Parker released blues albums Inside (2003), Whilst the Wind (2005) and Where I Belong (2007) with leading European blues label, Ruf Records.

Under the stewardship of Ralph Baker, of Equator Music, Parker released singer-songwriter EP Demons and Doubters in 2009 and The Stonehouse in 2012. During this acclaimed spell away from the blues circuit Parker also performed at the Royal Albert Hall.

Politik Blues, which was recorded in Oxford, will be released on Parker's own EyePea record label.


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August 2013

Ian announces side project

Following two years of hard work, Ian has completed a new album (release date 19th August). The album, which consists of ten songs, was produced by Matt Butler and features Morg Morgan on piano and Hammond, Steve Amadeo on bass, Alex Thomas on drums, and Beth Porter on Cello. Ian is very proud of the album and excited about its release. On the basis that the album is stylistically different from his previous albums, Ian has decided to release it under a new 'project name'. The project is called Kinver and the album, 'The Stone House'.

'An album with an emotional pull and lyrical depth' **** Get Ready to Rock
'The sound of an accomplished writer who always seems to have something extra' SLAP

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